Plan a Visit with Santa

Let’s face it, sometimes the Christmas Spirit just gets a little lost in the long shopping lines, holiday traffic and screaming kids at the mall Santa. But this holiday season you and your family can share the magic of the real Santa together.

Our visit with Santa is a little different, you get to spend time listening to Santa’s stories, singing songs and sharing a magical experience. There are no lines to wait in and  kids sit on the floor or move about the room comfortably, getting to know Santa at their own pace. Photographs are allowed so be sure to bring your camera.

How to Book a Personal Visit with Santa

If you’d like to book a personal visit with Santa for your family, business or organization, please contact one of Santa’s special helpers, Tom Williams at:

Santa’s special helpers make sure he gets to all of his visits on time and in one piece! After your initial contact with Tom, they will call you to work out the details. In the meantime, here are Santa’s rates for personal visits. These fees help pay for the reindeer feed and also fund the Santa Cares Project’s non-profit activities throughout the year. Special discounts apply for non-profits and other organizations that may need a little help, so don’t be afraid to ask.

($50 travel fee if outside 50 mile radius)