About the Santa Cares Project

Santa at Fantasyland has become a family tradition for years.

Santa at Fantasyland has become a family tradition for years.

The Santa Cares Project is a non-profit organization committed to fostering the Christmas Spirit all year through educational and creative programs. We believe the Christmas Spirit means it’s not about what you get, but how you love and care for yourself and others that matters.Our mission is to help children recognize and develop their native gifts while encouraging peace on earth and good will towards all people through a unique Santa experience. Our year-round programs support children by enhancing their creativity, self esteem, personal responsibility, tolerance of others, kindness, joy for living and belief in the sacredness of life.

What We Do During the Christmas Season

Local Events & Private Parties

Santa always makes a special trip to Southwest Virginia during Christmas. Whether it’s our annual visits to Fantasyland at the History Museum of Western Virginia or other local events, you can plan to take your family on a special visit to see Santa. Learn more about Santa’s visits here.

The Christmas Chair & Reindeer Lullabies

You can own the book that started it all! An original story written by Santa, The Christmas Chair will become a special tradition for your family. Also included is our Reindeer Lullabies CD, which includes the narrated version of the story plus all original instrumental music featuring Santa and his helpers. You can purchase your new family tradition here at our shop.

What We Do During the Off Season

We offer opportunities for young people to participate in service projects. They include Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, Children’s Network, Ronald McDonald House and more. Santa will participate along with the children.

The Santa Cares Project also organizes positive, creative programs for expressing ideas, feelings and thoughts. A series of programs provides exploration and education in developing life skills and healthy creative outlets. The arts are a special interest of Santa’s. Some programs also assist in helping children deal with challenging issues such as illness, death and other crisis situations.